Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yesterday Cedar and I walked into the marsh. I wanted photos of the new flowers and she wanted to pick some for her mother's hair. We also found some wild strawberries in bloom. Then I took her to a fairly large abandoned den. It was neatly carved out of a sandy ridge, very clean and dry inside. Even though I knew where it was I had some difficulty relocating it.
I showed her my moon walking crown and she put it on. I told her she could wear it if we go moon walking. I wish I could make one just for her. I'll think upon it and see if a terrific idea finds me.
After it got dark I made a small fire to warm the concrete house. Then I made 2 pieces of rye toast, poured a glass of juice and sat at the wonderful window to visit the moon. She beamed over the earth and splashed me with her light.
Today Cedar was at my door early for a morning snack. She had red grapes and coconut wafer cookies.
Yesterday I met her at the bus stop with a boiled egg. She wanted me to crack it for her. She was shocked when I removed my hat and broke the egg on my head.
When I leave here I will take the glass drops from the crystal tree so Cedar can adorn it in her own way.
When you're young there are those who tell you you must wait until you're older to do certain things. But when you get old enough to do those things you've either lost interest or no longer have the ability to do them. I would have liked to walk across Scotland. I'm still interested but no longer able.
Today I have another appointment with human services. I must take Cedar with me as I won't be here to meet the bus. I'm just like an old bird looking for a suitable nesting site. But an old bird never wonders, "How many more good years are waiting before me?"


  1. Wouldn't it be delightful to not wonder how many left, enjoy the moment and trust it's all unfolding as it should?