Friday, April 9, 2010


April 8. Another frosty night but clear sky and a horde of early juncos. 10-10 had his breakfast of tidbits and milk to which I now add an egg to encourage his hair to grow lush and thick.
I have not kept up with Mae S but on the 2nd of April she wrote, "this morning I heard a robin. Yes, we have a few robins here, too. On Easter Sunday I saw a great blue heron near Bena. I returned Mae to the shelf and sat down to find the juncos had fled. Oh, well. Time for tea and toast smeared with Angeline's strawberry jam. Mmmm!
Today Belle pulled a blanket off the fence. She tossed it over her back, danced backward and bowed. The blanket slid from her back, she smelled it carefully and walked over it. Yesterday when I was in the yard she galloped toward me at full throttle. I did not move and she stopped abruptly, put her nose in my hand and smiled. I rubbed her face with one hand and untangled her mane with the other.

April 9. Cedar and I have been looking for stones that look like potatoes. We have found two. We keep them in a red wire basket at the bird bath table. The potato stones are guarded by an unidentified praying super hero. Perhaps he is the caped crusader guardian of stone potatoes.
The barn cat is preying on the juncos and Cedar has gone to counsel the cat. She said we'll call her Puff-Puff because she has turned evil. Now I see Cedar has given up counseling the cat against killing harmless juncos. She has recognized that counsel is not an effective deterrent. She is now practising swordplay with a stick. Cinnamon appears to be her coach. He lifts the left ear when he approves of her technique. Raising the right ear means, "Needs improvement".
I had to disassemble the saw horses to get them into the car. Now we are putting them back together. We had spent about 30 minutes and I said, "We need a break." But Cedar said, "I'm no quitter."

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