Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today I performed an act of supreme courage. In the shower I opened a bottle of Dr. Bonner's almond castile soap. It had been tightly closed on my last camping trip with Brandon. I've been moving it from here to there for many years. So when the fragrance rose around me it opened my memories. I wanted to be thankful for all those joy0filled days of camping with my favorite boy. But I burst into tears and stood sobbing into my hands. A pathetic old crone!
When the mail arrived I found a small package from Faith F. She had e-mailed that a refrigerator magnet was on its way to Deer Crest Manor. I was fully expecting an artfully rendered image of a Sami warrior woman within. Imagine my great surprise and extreme delight to find that Elvis had come to add his grace and charm to my sacred space in apt #8. He'd come on a motorcycle!
I have too many journals and must think of how to dispose of them. I opened one from 1985 and read several pages. Who would think those old scrawls would be so precious? Perhaps I will seal them into mouse proof containers and store in Annie's garage. They have already spent two winters there with the mice.
Cedar came home with me after school. We had a good time. I let her take a long bath and shampooed her hair. I made a lunch and let her eat in the tub. I lit a scented candle for her and put "Abba Gold" on the old cassette player. She noticed immediately that I had painted the player blue and she approved. Annie picked her up and they all went to Grand Rapids to see "Shrek 4".

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