Wednesday, May 12, 2010


May 8. Another busy day. Loading boxes, carrying them to the car, driving to the flat, carrying boxes to second floor, unloading boxes and doing some organizing. Then take empty boxes down to car, drive to Redd Shedd and repeat.
Cedar came about 6 PM to invite me to Appleby's for her 6th birthday supper. It was delicious. Then she stayed with me at the flat while Annie and big kids went to retrieve settee, cinder blocks and 10 foot boards for book shelves. After they all left I dismantled the milk crate shelves, put the new shelves together and organized the books again. To bed. Amen.

May 9. I hardly moved as I slept. Bed almost looks made. Then to work. The craft room or closet needed attention. I'd barely began when I was struck down by a hugely painful muscle spasm in mid-right back. It's always in the same place. I hobbled back to bed and relaxed for awhile. Then got up and took some pain med and drank a cup of coffee. After another bit of rest I returned to the task that triggered the miserable episode. Moving slowly and carefully I got the job done.
My poor old body wants/needs/deserves a rest. I will take it easy for the rest of today. Anyway, I'm afraid to leave the flat as I may be unable to climb back up the stairs.
Yesterday it was so cold at the party that I put on my old sugar bush jacket and the fragrance it carried hurtled me back to camp memories. Not just the last camp, but years and years of memories came crowding forward. It was lovely.
I finally went down for mail and got up the stairs without serious pain. Michael and Wallis brought me supper from the Community Cafe.

May 10. At 2AM I was awake and unable to sleep. So I made a cup of chamomile tea laced with lavender and sweetened with honey. Then I went back to bed. The bonus was the way the heat radiated through me like healing fingers.
At 8AM I was up and slurping down a bowl of Malt-o-meal. I slept quite well after the tea. I have found an herbal recipe for bedtime tea that I will mix and keep handy for another restless night. RECIPE 2 t. oatstraw, 1 t. chamomile, 1/2 t. lavender.

May 11. I found an article on how to organize the kitchen into functional zones. First, microwave should not be on the counter as it takes up too much space. I used to have a cart but this kitchen is too small so will have someone put it on the refrigerator. There won't be too much to change as we naturally organize around certain activities. Some things I am thinking about purchasing are: a large over the sink cutting board, door mounted spice racks, 1 and 2 qt casseroles and a round/ring baking pan. I have no buffet but the butterfly cabinet can serve that function artfully. I have an old wooden fruit box that will make an ideal cook book shelf. I painted it blue, of course.

May 12. Telephone service man is here and soon I will be connected! My first call on the old phone was from Wallis. It is a second hand phone and doesn't take messages but the price was right. My second call was from Angeline in France.
I had some Bedtiime Tea and went to be early.


  1. I'm having a great time helping you to move in, virtually, that is! I even missed the backache (nearly). Does 10 feet take the bookcase all the way to the wall? Great idea. Please post pictures.

  2. No, they do not go to the wall but just paast the butterfly cabinet. I got the oatstraw when I was in White Earth. It adds a nice gentle sweetness to tea. I didn't know it was a bedtime remedy, too. No wonder I was putting all those women to sleep.