Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May 17. Annie and Cedar arrived early and we hurried to Grand Rapids for an electric pot to heat water in the Redd Shedd which we are converting into a guest house, cannery, and herb school. I had hoped we could paint the floor but we will cover it with rugs as I did when it was my home.
Now I make my home here in the top of the trees. I am thinking of this new abode as Loftnest. the t's feel a bit awkward on the tongue but I like the way it leans toward Lochness.
I purchased bird seed for the feeding station at the Redd Shedd. I must hang the humming bird feeder tomorrow.

May 18. I have put my second roll of toilet paper on the roller today. Ray is trimming the shrubs below and the busy buzz of his trimmer has taken a big bite out of my peaceful morning. Now he has moved along and the whine grows distant as it saws at the quiet edges of my thoughts.
Mae Sarton has found her way out of a box and to the shelf. Now she is in my hand and on this day in 1982 she journaled about her interview for Ms. She wrote, ..."I feel like a turtle... and wish I could stick my neck into my shell and not be available to probing questions, however kind they may be."
When I enter number 8 I feel I have gained my private loft. When I look out the window I am among the birds and feel I make my home within a cozy nest formed and feathered by my own efforts.
While at Crosby I discovered a couple of interesting titles on the shelves of Ellie and Karen. They are "Wildflower Safaris by Car" and "Spirits in the Garden".
Attended the Bugonaygeshig Memorial Feast with Michael and Wallis. Not too many came. No tribal officials showed up. Nor did we see any political hopefuls. Students and staff served the guests with courteous dignity. The menu included: wild rice, corn, mashed potatoes, walleye and blueberry pie. Before food was served the young drummers offered an honor song. Red prayer ties and cedar sprigs were presented to survivors who came to represent the deceased. Wallis and I went up for Brandon. I went up again for Kevin as no one was there for him. When the drummers offered a traveling song, I tried to get my heart to beat with the drum. It took quite some time but at last my heart was beating in unison with the drum which is the heartbeat of our nation.

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