Tuesday, May 25, 2010


May 24. Cedar was sick and didn't go to school so I had a tired girl all day. I fed her full and she slept for three hours!
In PM we all (except Justice who stayed home to do the barn chores) went to Pine river to pick up the camper Annie purchased from a lovely couple who had got a 5th wheel. They really were so nice and loved their Moby so much. But they were quite persuaded that Moby had found a new family that would appreciate a hard working little road warrior. Then back home we came. Annie drove the camper and Cedar rode with her. Geezis accompanied me in the white van. When we got home we found that Justice had done nothing about the chores. I guess he's just another lazy liar.
It was good to get home to my small flat that welcomed me with its happy energy. Before I opened the door I knew an embrace was waiting for me. The sacred peace wrapped itself around me... and I smiled. How quickly I have made myself a new and delightful home.

May 25. I spent some time catching up on my letter writing and gift giving. Then Wallis and I were off to Grand Rapids. As we prepared to enter the car a loud roaring filled the sky above us. A huge military helicopter was coming down! It circled over us and went down a short distance away. I drove about 2 blocks and we found it in the athletic field behind King School. I took a few pictures and we continued on to GR. I got a money order for next month rent. Then to library. I got some books from the friends book store. Several for Cedar's book box and a few for me. Then I checked out some books and videos, took Wallis to Arby's for lunch and we did some 2nd hand shopping. Then to Target for a phone, toaster and to have some photos printed. We got groceries and back to DR. Michael had supper waiting! Becky is moving from Deer Crest Manor and left a box of free stuff in the corridor. I took a recipe box and clothes drying rack.
This weekend is a big pow-wow in Cass Lake. Wallis is going to camp with Lamaya but I am going to sleep at Chey's.

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