Thursday, May 13, 2010


I dreamed that I went down to the laundry room and found a man leaning over the washer. Although his back was turned to me I recognized his pear-shaped bottom and gasped. He stood up and faced me. He was loaded with charm and he twinkled his friendly blue eyes for me. "I didn't know YOU lived in the building," I blurted. He crossed his lips with a manicured finger and sparkled his diamonds at me. "Well, Sweetheart," he replied, "I'm hiding from someone. " I had to laugh. "There's no place on earth where Bing Crosby is not going to be recognized." "Oh," he sang, "you'd be surprised." Then he said, "I usually tell folks I'm an impersonator and they believe that. Sure, they even want to know where I'm performing. I tell them I'm out of work but putting a new show together." I wondered why he was confessing to me. Before I could ask he reached into his pocket and pulled out a stunning necklace. "To seal your lips," he said. "I don't need a bribe to keep a secret," I told him. He smiled warmly and took my hand. "It's not a bribe anymore. It's a gift from a friend." He put the gift in my hand, gently folded my fingers over it and began to fade. The last I saw of the old crooner was his famous smile. Then he disappeared into the laundry room wall. I opened my eyes in Apt 8 and found myself alone. I could still feel a bit of the Bing-bling in my hand but soon it melted away. I felt as blue as one of Gene Kelly's old dancing shoes. Then I sat up in amazement and wondered, "Who else lives in Deer Crest Manor during my dream time?"
I've been here nearly two weeks and still don't have furniture. I just need someone to move it. Gabe told Wallis he will do it for gas. I tried to call him but he is a restricted number. I can't afford long distance at this time.
I've decided that Annabelle's card table is sturdy enough for a dining room table.
As I look around me I find that I love things that begin with B. There are my old bottles, button collections, many books and ... photos of Brandon.
Cedar plans to spend the night and tomorrow with me. Lamaya came over to play. We popped corn. After Wallis came for Lamaya, Cedar and I began to watch "Meet me in St Lois". Her favorite character was Tootie, played by Margaret O'Brien. When she got tired we made her a bed on the floor and she went to bed with no complaints and no anxiety. Soon the Sandman had worked his magic for both of us.


  1. Better get him signed up for the census. Was he there on April 1st?

  2. I don't know but if I see him again I will remember to ask. He smelled good, too.