Sunday, May 16, 2010


May 15. Ellie picked me up at 9:30AM and off we went to Crosby. Thomasina the happy poodle had accompanied her and after greeting me thoroughly the poodle slept. Ellie and I chatted the miles away. At Crosby Karen had prepared a nice lunch. Nancy arranged her stones and soon guests were arriving. Among the adults were 3 boys (8-10 Yrs) so i told a few stories for them. After they left the group the energy changed and I followed with some more adult stories. It was good to get the old tales out of the traveling story bag. there was an intermission and refreshments were served. Nancy showed her beautiful stones and the guests began to leave. Then we had salad, cheese and crackers. soon we were on our way to Brainerd to see the movie, "Straightlaced". We got home late and stayed up talking. Then I climbed the steps to my bed under the stars. A loon called several times while 10,000 frogs sang songs of joy. It didn't take long for sleep to find me. I dreamed of Cedar. She was an old woman with long gray hair.

May 16. Karen made omelettes for breakfast and we visited over our food until Ellie began getting ready to get me back to Deer R. then we made our long affectionate goodbyes. Nancy and given me a beautiful buffalo stone necklace and a blue pendant for my grandmother. I got 2 stones for Cedar's birthday. When I got home I went to the Redd Shedd for more boxes. Annie and Justice loaded the van and some furniture is now at home in the flat. I gave the microwave oven to Wallis.


  1. It must be grand to have furniture. Were the boards too long for the book shelves? I think you needed 8' not 10!
    Enjoy your unpacking and arranging.

  2. The long boards do extend beyond the point where the book shelves end but they are behind the butterfly cabinet so they are unseen.