Saturday, May 22, 2010


Tressa and her 3 children, Annie and her 3 children, Wallis, Lamaya and I drove to Grand Rapids to participate in the first annual diversity pow-wow. Before we left town we had to get gas and there we found Faith with a stalled car. A father with a young son was trying to help but needed battery cables. I got my cables out and soon Faith's sisters Becky and Sara had pulled into the station. They were closely followed by their other sister Geraldine. We had a nice reunion. They were on their way to Duluth to celebrate the birthday of their only brother, Gordon. Soon we were all on the road to our separate destinations. But we discovered the pow-wow had been canceled due to a funding shortfall. What a bunch of disappointed Indians gathered in the Civic Center parking lot. After a brief discussion of options 2 cars of natives decided to head for Fond du lac for their one-day dance. We would return to Deer River. One of the men from Red Lake said we should not be standing in a group talking. He told us 6 men had recently been arrested in Bemidji for walking down the street together. Someone suggested we have a little pow-wow right there and Lamaya started pounding on my car door. Everyone looked at her and smiled.
Our group returned to DR and went to Court Park so the kids could play. Wallis, Lamaya and I took a short cut road but were turned back because a power line that had fallen across the road. Lamaya said, "It's still a nice ride." Yes, it was. We always enjoy a bit of adventure together.
I am at the end of another journal and this one will be mailed to Beth Waterhouse. She will love every page.

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