Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday Roberto, Ann and myself went barhopping in search of a location from which to watch Mexico and USA compete in an important soccer ball match. We started at the Municipal Liquor Store in Akeley. Not available there. Onward we went to the Stomping Ground. No, no, no. Then to Walker to check out Benson's. Nothing. How about Chase on the Lake? Sorry! Try Charlie's. We were off again but before finding Charlie we discovered the Lucky Moose. They had what we were looking for! Now we know how to chase a wild moose-goose. Well, Mexico won 2 to 1. It was pretty exciting. Our quest led us to several interesting watering holes and we encountered many sincerely helpful folks. But we really liked that Lucky Moose. It is a log building with lots of light. Ann enjoyed Moose Drool, I relished the root beer and Roberto tipped a dark ale while we nibbled our way through two large orders of fries.

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