Friday, August 21, 2009


My play has been postponed. The Akeley Community Theater renovations have not been completed. "Long Legs" is a musical based on an Ojibwe myth my mother used to tell. But I've been invited to tell it at Paul Bunyan Park on Sunday, the same day it was originally scheduled. There will also be a BBQ. From there I drive to White Earth for Rice Camp. My relatives are driving from Racine WI and we will meet at the Rediscovery Center. I hope to spend a week at White Earth and return to Park Rapids on the 28th. The next day I will be at Itasca training a chorus line for the Charlie McGuire concert.
Today Justice is 15. While he was golfing with his English teacher I set up a picnic at the Foss (an area of the yard named in honor of Diane Fossey). Then I prepared a small lunch for Cedar and me. She had picked a bowl of raspberries mixed with a few late strawberries. I brought a jug of concord grape juice, two glasses, a bowl of triskets, a quartered apple and two dill pickles. I carried them to the Foss on the Elvis tray that I purchased at Murdo, SD, when Brandon and I returned from one of our camping trips to the Black Hills.
After the picnic we gathered kale, summer squash, bunch onions and green beans which I steamed for a late lunch. Cedar cut the hard veins out of the kale with a scissors and clipped the leaves into smaller pieces. She said, "Gramma, I love you for teaching me to do this." By then Justice had returned and we shared this fresh food from our own garden. I sprinkled curry over my squash and she did, too. So she was having a food adventure.
Later Annie took Justice and Cedar out for supper. I stayed home to wait for Geezis, Kayla and Butch. Kayla's grandfather Butch brought the girls in his son's truck. He wanted to see Justice so he waited awhile. We enjoyed a delightful conversation out on the sunny deck. I sometimes feel that conversing with an adult is an incredibly noteworthy event.

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