Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yesterday was laundry day for me. The manager was there and saw my car stickers so we talked about the military until Shelley arrived. Drum was with her so we had a long talk about ricing. I told her when our washers are fixed we probably wouldn't see each other anymore. She said her washer is beyond repair. They carried my load of wet stuff to the car and off I went. I hung the laundry on my recycled playset clothesline (the swings have been removed). Soon the sun had them dried and the wind did the softening.
In the meantime, I went out to pick more raspberries. Linda was driving back from the mailbox and stopped to chat when she saw me. She's been picking, too. She told me where the old cemetary road meets this property and that it makes a lovely woodland walk. I think I saw it when I was picking wild asparagus a few weeks ago. I plan to explore that as soon as I can. I picked two bowls of berries while Annie looked for her property markers. Geezis and Justice ran a mile, Cedar watched a video.
We drove to Grand Rapids and I was dropped at the library while Annie and the kids took the puppy to vet for shots. They returned for me and then we stopped at Evan's tatoo salon in Deer River. Annie had an appointment to get a bear paw tatoo on the back of her right hand. The children stayed to watch the ordeal but I came back to take laundry down. I was inside folding it when rain began slapping the window and a fierce wind whipped the trees. In the evening Cedar came to visit and we read some of the new books.
Today I got up early to pick berries. Cinnamon accompanied me. Picked two more bowls and put them in the freezer. When things slow down I'll make jam for winter toast and pancakes. When I told Justice the plan, he swooned. Also harvested the last of the peas and composted the vines.

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