Thursday, August 20, 2009


I've been reading "Winter Sign", Jim dale Huot-Vickery, so felt it appropriate to title this entry with a bit of French. I've read this before. But this time I visualize the narrator as being older. So it's like walking through the pages with a new person. In fact, he often stops to rest which is a good idea because I can't keep up with him and Chris. Sometimes they reach back and catch my hands so I don't get lost in the falling snow. It's like a Haiku dance. Oh, can you see it? Look, there are deer fringing the image and fogging the air with their warm breath.
My dear old friend Elsie McGuire is 100 years old today! We used to run around together when she was 80.
Yesterday I went to see the foot doctor who was vaguely familiar. I asked him his name and realized that we had met before. "Have you lost weight?" I asked. "Yes," he replied, "100 pounds." I was thrilled for him and clapped my hands in total delight. He appreciated this and continued. "Anne, it was diet and exercise." I clapped my hands again. Then he added almost in a whisper, "I can run now." He was so like a child relating a new achievement to a trusted elder that I wanted to hug him. But he quickly pulled back his shoulders, put on his doctor hat and asked, "What can I do for you?"
Today I took Justice to Grand Rapids for an eye exam, returned an item to Kmart and got an external mouse. Later we had lunch at Arby's and went to the radio station KAXE so I could record some commentary. Justice met Scott Hall and thought he was very nice. He also took an interest in broadcast. Scott invited him to write something and come back with me to record. When we got home he hung the fly tapes for his mom and fixed my storm door.

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