Thursday, August 13, 2009


I brought a few library books to Crystal Lake and have turned many pages. I've finished a brief biography of Ella Fitzgerald and begun "Alexander's Bridge" by Willa Cather. While I took a nap Ann and Roberto went out on the kayaks. Kitty arrived before supper and we all sat on the pontoon to chat. We saw an osprey dive for his supper. Two turtles were sunning nearby and a green heron was patroling the shore. I'd been out there alone for a long time before anyone else joined me. I was listening to the fish eat. Roberto left for Mpls and after Kitty went to bed Ann and I went out to watch the night sky. We stayed out for about 30 minutes. We saw five falling stars, three fireflies, a satellite and an airplane. We were entertained by two joyful loons. She laid on the pontoon and I stretched out on the dock. Thankfully the mosquitoes lost interest in us very quickly!

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