Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was awake at 3AM, up at 4, and working on the roundup when the three dogs began bawling and howling fearfully. I went to the kennel and released Cinnamon. I followed him around the fence and he ran toward the woods. His back hair was standing from neck to tail. I knew he was really upset so I backed off and called him to me. I never saw what was out there but it was scaring the horses, too. I went to the big house and found Cedar in bed watching a video about black leopards. Perhaps one has escaped and is now wandering in our woods.
Butch and Mike were here in the afternoon to start work on the insulation situation. Justice was working hard, too. It was hot for them. I took a jug of water out and then made them a snack of egg salad sandwiches, sliced apples and pickles. After the workers left Annie and kids went to Akeley where she had been asked to perform on the Terrapin stage.

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