Friday, August 14, 2009


There's no wind and the water of Crystal Lake lies flat and still. A loon sends a lullaby to me and earlier I heard an owl hoot an invocation. Goodnight and Goodbye they sadly sing. Yes, I think tomorrow I must leave this lovely hideaway. This morning I took a walk into the woods across the road... apparently I was trespassing. I was not apprehended by the landowners but Ann informed me on my return. Also on this walk I discovered high bush cranberries, raspberries, and a wild plum tree. I finished reading "Alexander's Bridge" by Willa Cather. I understand she tried to disown the novel because it wasn't up to her later standards but I found it interesting and well done. I send you a couple of quotes: "Life coquettes with dashing youth." And "He left an echo." I have always tried to leave an echo, too. But this quote was in reference to a deceased man being remembered.

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