Thursday, October 14, 2010


The birds have found the feeder! First to arrive was a nuthatch. Then a chickadee checked it out. More feed needed! I think I can design a feeder to hang from the edge that holds the screen in place. I also have cut a wire clothes hanger that could hold a sack of thistle seeds. I haven't figured out how to attach it for optimal bird watching. Cedar doesn't know the birds have arrived at our window feeder. She'll see it tomorrow and be amazed.
I met Wallis at GR library. First I bought some stuff in the friends book room: "The Samurai's Garden", "The Poetry of Langston Hughes" (on cassette, read by Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis), and "The Locket" (on cassette, read by Richard Thomas).
Then I got myself an early birthday gift. A 2 CD set of "The Essential Carole King". Afterwards I took Wallis out for supper.
Wallis purchased food for Brandon's 5th memorial feast. He was murdered Oct 21, 2005.
This is the end of another journal! I will send to Lynnele Shire. Tomorrow I open the 9th and last journal of my seventh decade.

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