Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oct 13. It's been another complicated morning. The med bill is still unpaid but hospital will resubmit it.
Got the White Earth paper and found obit for Carrie E (53) and Kathy G (69).
May S woke up "to see a silver net (of frost) over the lawn." She saw in that the end of many things. Later when friends arrived they told her of recent travel adventures. That caused her to write, "I felt dismayed by my ignorance. But it was fun to hear about it."Gladys T found her adventure closer to home. "George's cows stand in pleasant aimlessness... as we go by. A big buck rabbit goes lippety, lippety into the thicket. A wandering country cat pauses to eye us soberly, then sleeks away on her own serious business."
I packaged up a bundle of old PEP/TAP photos for Ann C. I know she'll cherish and enjoy them.
Gloria came over to see if we could alter Ed's dress pants. He's lost so much weight he can't fit them. We decided it would not be possible to make them small enough.
I watched an old western on Netflix. It starred Glen Ford and Jack Lemon. I felt like a cowboy riding the dusty trails. I slept under the stars and drank cowboy coffee, played poker and got into barroom brawls. By the time the movie was over I was pretty beat up and needed a good bath.
Oct. 14. Gladys T writes, "There is always one moment in a day when I think my heart will break... when all the meaning of life seems distilled and caught up and you feel you can never, never bear to leave it." Oh, yes! I know how that is. It is because we love something so much it hurts. Perhaps it is that we worship a sun drenched flower... and we know we are watching it fade. For one moment it can be our whole world. Whitman saw the earth in a grain of sand and an ocean in a rain drop.
Mary O. "Passion did it, called me forth, addled me, stripped me clean then covered me with the cloth of happiness."
Dawn S called to set up a library tour. I'll present at 9 Kitchigami regional libraries in Nov and Dec. We will set the calendar soon. I'm excited! It's an opportunity to dust off some of the old stories.

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  1. Congrats on the library jobs. Will they help with transportation? What a perfect time to tell stories!