Monday, October 11, 2010


May S writes, "I am fully myself... only when I am creating something."
For Gladys T it was "time to go out in the woods for butternuts and hickory nuts and hazel nuts." Here it is too late for nuts. The busy squirrels have stripped the bushes weeks ago. Every nut is now in storage for winter fetes.
I did some hand sewing today. Embellished Cedar's Halloween dress and my Elvis doll's cape.
Pearl made a fabulous Chinese supper. I got the Comm Rm fixed up like a happy little cafe. There were ten of us. My Honey Girl Cedar stayed to eat with us. Evelyn said she is a nice little girls and has so many Deer Crest grandmothers now. Gloria and I carried things back to Pearl and Evie's flats. Pearl wiped down the counters. Annie carried the heavy coffee pots and then she took Cedar home. After that Pearl, Evie and I sat and chatted. I had worn my Mandarin Madame outfit. Evie and I tried to sing "My Rosemarie I love You"! It was fun.
I gave the t-shirt I won at yesterday's drawing to Annie and Cedar wore it home..

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