Saturday, October 9, 2010


Did you know there are 6,500 homeless female veterans? Why?
Two of May S friends had gone on a cruise and she wrote, "I feel marooned."
Gladys T is still praising autumn. "The oaks glow with a garnet fire, and all the thickets blaze with scarlet and pale gold and cinnamon. It is like the music of a trumpet."
"And I think my heart is white for its parlay with a star," Mary Cooper Black.
In the near bare trees of the aspen merry little leaves quiver in the morning chill. How excited they appear as if eager to greet the new day. The sun is not yet up but its fore glow touches the leaves with russet against a pearl gray sky.
I went to Annie's for breakfast. Son Charles, Chrissy and children were there. They were working on a jingle dress. It was a lovely day. I took a walk in the woods. Then sat on the deck with all the busy young people. Later I came home to get my sewing done. I had a project to complete for Gloria M.
Then off to Melanie's birthday party. She had a wonderful gathering of friends. I enjoyed myself so much. Mel walked me home. It was quite dark but balmy.

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