Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday Cedar and I got 3 pages of those window decorations that cling to glass. We washed the inside of the big front window in the community room and made it as attractive as we could. We are quite satisfied with the results.
We watched "The Greatest Show on Earth" and Cedar went wild! She was doing toe stands on the chair arm, keeping a balloon aloft while dancing and singing, "Come to the circus".
On this bright and golden morning Cedar told me, "The clock keeps the time and the birds make the music." She knows about time as her mother is a musician.
We finished "Stuart Little". Cedar thought Margalo the bird was a great character because the bird was the reason Stuart left home and went north seeking adventure.
Good quotes: "Seek the joy of being alive", Tim Heinle. As Arthur said in Camelot, "Do not let me die bewildered."
Melanie invited us for lunch and served a wonderful chicken and rice soup. Geezis and Justice were also there to clean the yard and cut grass. So I left Cedar with them and went to help Wallis get boxes to pack as she is getting ready to move.
Did you know that while dolphins are being slaughtered in Japan they are protected from murder in Greece? We cannot depend on government or organizations to change anything for the better. All nations are worthy of respect... not vicious exploitation and brutality.
Tonight we listened to Back Porch harmony on KAXE and it had us up and dancing and tapping our toes to old time songs!
I set up the new/used stereo and we listened to Elvis sing about Christmas. Of course, I sang along. Cedar danced with my Elvis doll. She said she wished she was as small as the doll so they could really dance together.

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