Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today it was given to me to find these words of sisterhood by Sappho: "In the pure light that brings forth fruit and flowers, And that great sanity, the sun, the feminine power." May Sarton found these words late in life so have I. Yes, just in time... as always. And just in time , before I fall into hopeless despair I find the words of Gladys Taber, too. "I believe there is a place somewhere, where all the lost things go, and the people who live between the worlds must need them and magic them away." That explains so many things.
Then I found Mary O in the mailbox and opened to "What Do We Know" on page 23 and sang: "Sometimes I am victorious and even beautiful..." How does she know so much about me?
Cedar and I went out to pick raspberries for about 1.5 hours. She ate most of her so we are saving mine for smoothies. She thanked Creator for the berries, the rain, the sun and for her Gramma, too. It was very sweet. She declared that we were the true berry pickers because we didn't quit when we were tired, hot, sweating and thirsty. So I said I was thirsty, too. "We should go home and have a nice cold drink." She was quick to agree.
Later I delivered a couple spools of thread to Wallis so she could finish a grass dance outfit for the Ball Club pow-wow. Then we went to a small rummage sale being run by two nice friendly little boys and a lovely loving mother. Afterward we went to the Community Cafe for a free meal.
I am leaving Sunday for Mallard Island. I will journal but not blog. I'll catch up when I get back home. I'm so excited! The Mallard is an experience. The library is one of my favorite island spots. But I will certainly revisit the water, the sky and the stones.

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