Sunday, July 25, 2010


Up too early again! But tackled the e-mails and did the really stinking laundry. Phew! I made an really terrific omelet with egg, onion, and French pate'.
I am enduring a serious attack of island withdrawal. I've isolated myself in the flat. I cannot face the tarred street, the fumes of traffic, the aimless chatter of many voices! I cannot! I will not!
But Tammie had just arrived from Illinois and called, "We're here! Meet us at Shelly's!" It was good to hear her voice after so many months of internet only. It was a delightful reunion.
Ober had no Mary O on his shelves so I was hungry for a few of her words. Let these swim in your thoughts until they form an image upon which to rest your inner eyes. "...and the little fish in their rainbow shirts are gliding peacefully by."
Somehow I am also remembering a song by Edith Piaf... "No Regrets".

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