Friday, July 9, 2010


July 9. Tomorrow is Gene and Chey's wedding day so I have been working on the quilt in the community room. I also added to the James Dean puzzle. Pearl came in to visit me. We talked for a long time. She had been out to Bingo with daughter Karen.
July 10. Today I received a letter from Elsie M's daughter Connie! Elsie went to the other side about 6 years ago. I think Connie and I are going to be friends.
I roasted a turkey for the reception. Then cut it up and put it in small roaster. When I got to Norway Beach I was one of a few early arrivals. There were a lot of balloons being blown up so not much conversation. Soon colorful groups of family and friends were coming and filled the area with chatting and laughter. Chey's father Richard had made it in time! He looked so nice in black suit and shirt with turquoise tie. When he gave her away his face filled with emotion. I know Chey is extremely happy that he could be with her on this day of days. Gene is suited, too. The ceremony, the vows, the rings... and it is done. Soon they are wed, wrapped in the quilt Ann M and I made together. Of course I took many photos. Charles is spending time with Kalene... and Kalene is spending time with her sister Elyssa. It's all good.
July 11. Wallis, Lamaya and I go to Bena camp for Geezis birthday event. Annie and Tom have set up their campers. Avis and Big Esther have brought Colter and Saige. They are camping, too. I gave Geezis the Ruth Ann Garden quilt and she really likes it. Later she spread it on the ground and went to sleep for about an hour.
I went swimming with Maddie, Lamaya and Cedar. When a leech got too near they were driven from the water. I scooped it up and flung it as far as I could. Maddie says, "Gramma, you're my hero!" Later I flung another one away and knew that I had performed another heroic deed.
After I got home I saw the fireworks through the trees so walked to the hospital parking lot for a better look. It was a pretty good for a small town display.
July 12. Just before sunrise a loud storm shattered the morning. I listened to it for a long time thinking of Chey and Gene.
Later when I took the garbage out a gathering of horses and their people occupied the parking area behind the hospital. I'd forgotten there was to be a parade. At 2:20 I put the last of 1000 pieces into the James Dean puzzle and he smiled up at me.

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