Saturday, July 17, 2010


May S. had dropped her week (in 1982) "Into a limbo of fetid heat...", her new car didn't start and it hadn't rained for 3 weeks! Ray Bradbury promises, "... passion often saves the day."
Today I realized I have not mounted a bicycle this year! But it's traveling time again so the bicycle seat will have to wait. Yes, I'm on the road to the Mallard on Sunday. Today I'll go to Ball Club for the pow-wow. I know I will find many friends and family to enjoy spending time with and dance the circle a few times, too.
From an old journal: 5-3-97. I have said goodbye to the daffodils, the mallards, wood ducks and the spring pond. Then I hurried away with Brandon and John. It would be my first writing retreat. We arrived at Norcroft on the North Shore at 1:45 PM. A bit early. I apologized to the forgiving and gracious Paulette A. She showed me to the tree-top room. Last month Brandon and I had completed a three-level tree house at my home on "the road without a mailbox near the river without a name". Later Brandon carried up my bag and said, "WOW!"
This ends journal number six and I will open number seven tomorrow on the Mallard. There I will journal but not blog as there is no phone except for emergency and no internet either.

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