Thursday, July 1, 2010


Gladys Taber wrote: " an old house like Stillmeadow, you always live in both the past and the present." And this is so true! I live in several old houses that I have tucked away in memories. I can live in them one by one or all at once. I suppose they are magical. I never clean them for they have acquired a perfect bit of dust and I do not disturb perfection.
May O had been tormented ("I grow sharp, I grow cold.") when a shopping center was built where a pond had been. "Where will the pond lilies go to continue their simple penniless lives. lifting their faces of gold?" She wanted to free the world of so much buying and selling. "Oh, I would live in an empty house, with vines for walls and a carpet of grass."
I spent this day at work on two projects spread out on the large tables in the community room below. I have been assembling the James Dean jig-saw puzzle and getting the log cabin quilt together. I also made the best black bean soup! Really yummy. Leftovers tomorrow.


  1. Details on the black bean soup, please. I've got beans.

  2. Cook and brown small pkg of ground beef. Chop one onion and add. Open and add can of black beans and a cheap can (obscure label) of diced tomatoes in lime juice and cilantro. Then cook on low for 15 minutes. I used that little chopper you gave me and it works fine. Thanks.

  3. Sounds perfect. Thank you. A morning inspiration.