Wednesday, July 14, 2010


July 13. The cabin gathering expanded to eight plus little Heath. We went out on the pontoon but saw no beaver. Later I went out and picked raspberries at the landing strip. I sang a traveling song so the bear would know I wouldn't stay long.
We had a wonderful supper and then to Jean's for dessert. Dar had made blueberry pies. Jean had a fire going when we arrived so we snuggled in around the circle to talk... and listen. We discussed a name for our group. After much debate we decided to call ourselves The Crone Sisterhood of Crystal Lodge. Some of us wanted new names I am thinking that I would be The Tarnished Iris. It's not just because I am a faded flower but because the years have not been kind to my eyes and as I age my personal perspective changes (along with everything else) so I find I have new ways of seeing.
July 14. Awoke to a heavy rain, laughing dance of lightening and the low chuckle of a playful thunder. But suddenly lightening ripped the sky and the house trembled under a crash of thunder.
Birthday cake for breakfast. Ellie and Nancy celebrate another year. We have a group photo by Dar. Jean and I load the white book case into the car, Ann ties it down and soon I am on the road. Engine heat increased so I stopped at Walker Holiday and asked for water. A man poured it into the proper receptacle and I'm on my way again. Another stop at Chey and Gene's to drop off the electric griddle and bread maker. Away I go! At Bena I put on my Cass County volunteer cap and place about 30 information cards on invasive species. Finally I pull in at Annie's to ask for help to get the bookcase up to my flat. Cedar and Geezis are quick to offer their assistance. We get the job done and I take them to Shelly's for late lunch. My cousin Cindy is working so we have a little visit. We decide to have a winter quilting date. She has my ph# and will call. Summer is busy for both of us.

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