Thursday, July 8, 2010


July 3. Got to Cass Lake about 10 AM and then to Teal's for camp food. As I waited in car a man came along with a box of doughnuts and 2 bags of ice. We talked for a bit and then he offered me a d-nut which I accepted. As he left for the pow-wow he invited me to his camp where his wife would have a cup of coffee for me and he would give me more doughnuts.
At camp I visited with Darlene O and watched the little boys toss a football. Saige reminds me of Brandon because he is so kind to younger children. He smiles at their efforts to catch and throw and encourages them without sarcasm, ridicule or humiliation. Mel E found me and we had a nice chat. Then I saw Paula W walking through the camps so we talked for a long time. Gene found his cousin Ed F and wheeled him over. He joined us for dinner, too. Kalene had said she wanted to dance every dance but the heat drove her from the arena. Annie took all the young people swimming at Norway Beach. They filled the back of her dad's truck camper. My nephew Wayne R took second place in men's tradish! He got an eagle trophy and a Pendleton. I'm surprised he didn't take first as he is a terrific dancer and has outstanding regalia. Also he is handsome! What's wrong with those judges?
It cooled down at second Grand Entry and I danced the circle more often. My cousin Ken P found me and we went around together several times. I also danced with Donna F. Then I joined Tom and Missy for a few turns. In the midst of all this fun it started to rain... hard. The emcee ended the pow-wow and we all scrambled to leave. Back at Chey's I fell asleep to the song of the storm.
July 4. At P-W camp the next day my breakfast consisted of BBQ ribs by Rick H the rib king and a bottle of Pepsi. Not a great way to start the day. Molly E had set up a hair salon and had 6 customers waiting by the time we got there. Oh, the fur was flying! At Grand Entry I danced my mother's shawl, her beaded vest and cuffs and carried her old partridge feathers in a fan made for me by daughter Wallis. So it was all good!
I found Roweena W and we had a good visit. We have grown old together. I had attended Cass Lake High School with her sister Juanita R who is gone to the other side. After the Veteran's Dance I returned to camp. As I sat under the awning with friends and family members the smoke wafted around us like an ancient blessing. We discovered that the red squirrels had opened the food and helped themselves to hamburger buns and Doritos.
Then we had a wonderful camp party. It was a reunion with Kalene, a birthday for son Tom, and wedding announcement for Chey.
July 5. I slept fitfully with cramps in feet and legs and awoke with soreness halfway up my back! But we're going to do it again the weekend after next at Ball Club.
I left Chey's at about 9:30 but stopped to visit my sister Shirley L before leaving town. She was not at home so I drove on to find Cash L at home on Thunder Lake. I arrived as to a dream. Stepping from the car into the wild beauty she has allowed to prevail at the point of land upon which she has built her A-frame cabin, Woodja. I was greeted by the bark of Prince of Boots or Bootsie Tootsie. After a light lunch we went out in the boat to visit the lake, the eagle nest, and the Dickie's. We saw at least 8 adult loons, 2 juveniles, a heron, a female mallard with one duckling, and a merganser with a family of six. We went into the tiny but lovely Emerald Bay where we heard the banjo song of an unidentified tree frog. Boots was with us and soooo well-behaved in the boat. When we returned Cash prepared supper while I enjoyed the sunset. Then we watched the movie she had made of her 2008 trip to India. She had fallen in love with everyone including an elephant that had taken her for a ride. After a long and pleasant day I climbed into the loft and went to sleep.
June 6. I was up early and sat on the dock in my pj's to visit the small bay, the loon family and the beautiful sun-sparkled water. After a long time I went to the house and found Cash making coffee. We chatted leisurely until we realized that Beth and Don would soon be at the door. We dressed quickly! Our guests brought gifts! For Cash an A-frame nightlight and for me a piece of beautiful bird print fabric. We had coffee and bismarcks on the deck. It was lovely to spend time with such beautiful people.
After they left Cash made grilled cheese sandwiches and I made cedar leaf tea. I had a long nap with Bootsie at my feet on the sofa. Then we went out on the boat for an extended visit to the NW side of Thunder. We saw four more loons in that bay with two juveniles. We delivered a 3 foot stick of bubble gum to Beth's cabin. No one was home so we hope we left it at the right door.
We returned along the shore and revisited Emerald Bay. The water was gloriously enhanced by the setting sun. At home Cash made a fire and we roasted brats. I told a few stories by fire light and the loons added the punctuation.
July 7. Did NOT awaken with the birds. Cash and I had talked until 2 AM! In the morning we took our coffee out to the deck and looked at photo albums from 1969 when she purchased the point and began building her retreat. She'd had the help of many friends and she is supremely grateful for their contribution of sweat equity.
Bootisie seemed to sense that I was leaving and was extra attentive. He's such an affectionate fellow and really beautiful. As we were sipping coke on the deck the loons expressed their alarm cries and Cash hurried to the dock. I was less quick and saw the eagle flying low over the water, swoop around the point and soar over the cabin. We got out the binoculars to search for the loon family. After several minutes we saw all four swimming close to the shore across the bay.
July 8. I had stopped in Grand Rapids on my return from Thunder and purchased fabric to cover the back of the quilt. I'd selected 2 shades of violet as there was not enough left on either bolt to fill my need. I was tying quilt in community room when Pearl came home. I took a long break while we talked. She'd been out with her daughter playing Bingo. Then she discovered she'd lost her keys and after she'd searched her purse 3 times I went out to the curb to see if she'd lost them there. I found them on the floor in community room. I felt like Miss Marple, a real sleuth.

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