Sunday, November 8, 2009


Cedar loves to visit the cemetery so yesterday we went strolling among the tombstones again. This time she took a bag to gather discarded flowers. We never steal off the graves but when new flowers arrive the old ones are dumped in the woods. We pick our flowers there. But when we reached the far end of the cemetery I found four cans of Pepsi. They were unopened and undamaged so I put them in my pockets to carry them home. When we got to the stone bench Cedar wanted to open one. I told her we needed to clean them with alcohol just in case they were covered with terrible germs. We wondered how the pop came to be waiting there for us. I suggested that the ghost of Elvis had had them delivered there for us to find. It seemed logical since Pepsi was his all-time favorite beverage. She agreed that it was so. I also suggested that the person who carried them to the point where we discovered them probably didn't know why the Pepsi had to be there at that time on that day. When we got home and I swabbed the containers with a lot of alcohol we sat outside and drank together. Cedar said she tasted the alcohol so we swapped cans. I raised my can to the sky and shouted, "Thank you, Elvis!" And Cedar did likewise.

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