Thursday, November 5, 2009


We all went to see the Michael Jackson show "This Is It" which documented the last few months of his life. From March to June, 2009 he was in rehearsal for the world tour and it was recorded. Even his reflection on the movie screen was full of electric energy. I was so into it that I applauded at the end of one of the songs. I sat 3 rows behind the rest of the family so they wouldn't bother me. I watched as Justice raised both arms to wave at the great image of MJ. What we saw, in addition to the energy, enthusiasm, dancing and the fireworks, was a warm and gracious human being. He was polite and considerate of all. He also gave a brief but emotional message on the destruction of Earth and how we must get together in an agreement to demonstrate our respect for all forms of life by saving Earth for future generations of children, trees and other living things. Now he is gone but the memory of his incredible gift, genius and compassion is turning him into a modern myth. The power of myth is the power of one.

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