Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In recognition of another birthday for this old one Justice baked a cake and Cedar frosted it. She also adorned it with three packages of candles. It took two people to get them all lit. By that time some of the candles had melted down almost into the frosting! Quickly the lights were turned off, the traditional song was sung and I made a hasty wish. I wanted to blow out as many as possible with the first blast so I gave it my best. To my surprise the room was plunged into darkness. I had blown out every candle with a single breath. Everyone was amazed! Afterwards I checked my e-mail and discovered that many congrats had arrived on the breath of another cold night. A couple of days ago I'd boiled a batch of mixed commodity beans in the slow-cooker. Cedar wanted to see what smelled so good. I raised the lid and she looked into the simmering pot. Then she shuddered and looked at me. "Gramma," she declared, "there are eyes in your soup!" She referred to the black-eyed peas. I tried to persuade her that they were not eyes by eating one. She was not convinced. Because they were quite small she decided they were frog eyes. Some of the beans went into the freezer for future soup and some became a savory chili-like soup. This soup is guaranteed to chase the November chills away if you can ignore the little frog eyes that watch you from the bowl of the rising spoon. Cedar likes to help me and often brings in light sticks of wood. She also carries out the ashes. Now she has begun bringing water for me. She can carry two milk jugs to my door with several rests along the way. I offer to assist but she insists that she can do it alone. I admire the large spirit in the small girl.

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