Friday, November 20, 2009


"...if you decide to (travel or) make your home elsewhere, the Spirit of tenderness, of love, will not desert you, rising from within yourself; and because of it you are no longer fearful of loneliness..." Daphne Du Maurier. Andrew Wyeth did not travel much because he said, "The familiar frees me." Thoreau wrote, "I live alone in the woods." Although many think of Thoreau as stern and unforgiving he has also written, "...we do not treat ourselves nor one another... tenderly." From Edna St Vincent Millay we read: "It's little I care; But out of this house, lest my heart break, I must go, and off somewhere." Gladys Taber adds, "I can fancy taking sixpence in my pocket, a loaf of crusty long bread and a wedge of fine Cheddar and setting off for the world's end to see where the wind comes from." Yes, I too am ready to off!
Yesterday I was busy with stories. In the AM I told at the Grand Rapids library and the Forest History Center in the PM. It was a pleasure to share and swap with other tellers. The audiences were small but gracious.
Today I awakened strangely unstable so it looked like the beginning of a dizzy day. I've had them before... not often but they do unhinge me. I'm like a loose door on a windy day. I recovered in two hours and am now as steady as a star.
Cedar and I went to laundromat then Wallis and Michael came over to enjoy a brats and beans cook out with Cedar and me. I fired up the Mexican fireplace and Michael cooked while I hung laundry. A soaring eagle blessed our gathering. It was all such aching loveliness.
Cedar has told me that she never tasted Hawaiian Punch so I got her some to share with siblings. I don't want her to be deprived of one of childhood's primary rights and delights.

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